Sarah Martin

Owner & Senior Web Developer

River Stone Digital creates custom code for WordPress and Shopify websites, collaborating with design studios to bring their visions to life.

Project Highlights:
Broadway Teaching Group
Brother Vellies
Lorenza Wine
The Goods Mart

Web Development Philosophy

Web designers understand the challenge of turning a beautifully branded design into a fully functioning website. They may have to simplify their vision to fit within the limitations of a website builder. Alternatively, they can collaborate with a web developer. That collaboration can be stressful when the web developer seems to speak a different language and doesn’t see design details like letter spacing.

Sarah Martin speaks the language of business and design while bringing comprehensive technical knowledge to the team. That is the unique benefit of working with River Stone Digital. Effective communication facilitates harmony between the design, technical solutions, and business needs.

Education and Career

2007 B.S. in Business Administration, Carnegie Mellon University
2015 Graduate Certificate in Web Development & Design, Denver University

2007 – 2014
Blended her love of music, coding, and business while leading the digital marketing team for Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, located outside Washington, DC.

Founded River Stone Digital after relocating to Texas

Authored The Definitive Guide to Squarespace, published by Apress